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Why choose Meritshine?

  • Highly qualified and vastly experienced faculty members
  • Technologically advanced pedagogical techniques
  • Systematically designed insightful learning modules
  • The most relevant, tailor-made, high-quality content
  • Pre-recorded classes for self-paced conceptual learning
  • Live sessions for real-time faculty interaction 

What our students say about us

Lainnfela Khalthang

Great videos

Ur videos r reallly reality helpful especially for me. Meritshine, u guys are awesome. The way you think, the way u calculate. I’ve been in cat coaching class consdered to be the biggest in India (ill not mention the name) for a year, yet ur explanation and the way u think is far better, ur explanation works perfectly for me. Again, thank you meritshine. Im sharing your videos to all my friends who r learning too. Great videos. International level teaching. Wish you could build a school, or institution, or atleast write a book, for youngsters ..

Ankur Kulshrestha

Bagged multiple jobs

Got selected in IBPS it officer, with 20+ marks above cutoff in final merit , already converted few jobs,like Canara po, IDBI po,LIC ADO,just because of Abhishek sir :) I joined meritshine paid sbi course and it has played a major role in my success, specially Abhishek sir's guidance, he not only guides you knowledge wise, but also will stand with yu in ur tuff time, it's just because of Abhishek sir motivation, I have converted all these jobs :) will surely make yu feel more proud sir :) :)

Mahesh Battula

Great teachers

When I started preparing , I told my father I will not  join coaching centres because you don't often find good teachers. I stumbled on Meritshine channel and I was blessed. In this age of cut throat competition, where every other platform is selling number of products with no right guidance: here is Meritshine giving us right and perfect guidance asking us to enrol only if we are ready to put 100% efforts. Don't think about fruits of labour, concentrate of work instead. – Sri Krishna in Gita. Don't think about result, work hard and enjoy the process of learning  - Abhishek Sir.

Debadatta Khandual

Vital role

Abhishek Gupta sir,you are the person who has played the most vital role in my selection. I started following you bit late in march but you changed the way I looked at SBI exam.This was my last attempt.I still remember the evening before main exam and the motivation you provided was instrumental. I want to meet you in person and take your blessings sir. I will definitely try to meet you soon(I am from odisha and posted in Bhubaneswar circle). Teachers like you are a blessing to the society. I could have sent a personal msg to sir but the only reason I made a public post is sir is so grounded and humble,he wouldn't brag abt his role in selection of so many candidates,so its my duty to give due credit to the man behind.

Karan Raval

Genuine mentors

Selected as Probationary Officer in Bank of India!This group provides a great platform for candidates to solve their queries, seek out help during tough times and meet like-minded people who are going through the same problems in life. And that is what I like the most about this group, it gives you the feeling that you're not alone in your struggles. It gives many people a sense of belonging. I have met awesome people through this group and made many good friends along the way. But it is the genuineness of the mentors that sets them apart from other people. Without them, I would not be the same person I am today.

Mimoh Jaiswal


I’ve watched lots of content on Youtube, followed various channels and teachers to supplement my preparation but very few teachers actually motivate you to go out there and give your best, whatever the uncertainties you have. That's precisely what happened when I watched "How to prepare for IBPS PO Interview" by Abhishek Sir. I can solely credit my success today to that hour long video. After giving the mains: I was pretty sure that I won't make the cutoff.  I was in no mood to put effort for the interview but in that video, Abhishek Sir said: "Even if you cleared the mains by 0.5 marks, prepare for the interview. You’ve got this chance, do not let it go". It was enough to get me back to work I enrolled for the programme and tuned in to those discussions religiously.


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